A New Business?

When I set-out to create Dealize, I did with the simple goal of reducing email clutter-- i.e. not getting emails from ALL deal sites and having only relevant deals come to me. And also with the idea of never missing a screaming good deal.. However, I have learned that a business/new industry has come out of the latter.

Capitalism always finds opportunity and the daily deal market is no exception see Businessweek article (

There is a new (and growing market) of people who utilize sites like Dealize.com and CouponCactus to buy goods (50-60% off) from major American retailers and then sell them overseas for a huge profit! As we already know, products listed in a daily deal site are often discounted to the point where they are selling at wholesale prices. Simply put, the daily deal afficiando can now become the merchant by buying whole sale and selling to a market at full price..

Although I can't say I agree with this practice, it is interesting to point out how one company's marketing strategy, can create another company's business...

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Posted on: 03.26.13

Trying to score some information

Not all that long ago, information was a bit harder to come by... Less than 10 years ago, one would need to buy or procure information that is now widely available for free by using Google or numerous other search engines. In the mid 90s one would have to know someone or be a part of a club to get the most current info on a killer sale or price reduction event.... Now, we can see these 'once in a lifetime blowouts' simply by typing a few words into Google.

We live in a world where data and information is so wide spread that the challenge of our generation isn't where to find the information, but out challenge is sorting through the overwhelming amount of information for relevance. I think this simple fact will result in the next big opportunity; the successful aggregation of information. News aggregation apps like Pulse make it easier to categorize and easily track the majority of news stories out there and Social News sites like Reddit and Stumble Upon also capitilize on our desire to wade through the clutter and get to the information that is relevant to me; based on my interests.

The Daily Deal market (I predict) will also follow suite. No one wants to wade through ALL daily deals, but everyone wants to see a deal that is relevant to their location (local deals) and their specific interests (ability to select deal categories on Dealize.com)... Although Dealize.com is still in its infancy as a company, I see this as the start of something much bigger and am hopeful we will ride the aggregation wave as it grows with relevance and popularity.

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Posted on: 02.20.13

Living Better

As I sit here and wait for the expriring of 2012 with new hopes on a more fruitful 2013 it is easy to identify a few trends that are here to stay and should be taken advatage of... For this post, I'm focusing on the Daily Deal phenomenon... Now, we've all heard of Groupon, Living Social and countless others who offer outrageous deals from merchants sporting 70-80% off normal prices.  If you are not taking advantage; you need to! When one can get a $500 hotel stay for $100, anyone can start to live like the wealthy...

But, here is the problem, I'm a busy person and although I had committed to 'ballin' on a budget', having an inbox filled with daily deal offers is about as fun as passing kidney stones. Which, for the record, is not very fun.

Enter solution, Dealize.com scours all of the daily deal sites and brings them to your inbox (great news, this feels like the kidney stones have passed and I am back to living the dream aka ballin on a budget). What's more, with Dealize one can categorize the deals you wish to receive. If I don't get massages, I don't have to wade through the massage deals, I only check the boxes that I am interested in (Food & Drink, Nightlife, Active Life, etc.,) and that's what comes to my inbox each day :)

In addition, Dealize also lists Yelp ratings for the business which are offering the deals! A huge value add, considering no one wants to be that guy who goes to a sushi restaurant because of a "killer deal", only to find out the $15 you saved on the Sashimi special seems ludicrous compared to the sickness you've experienced from consuming less-than-street-legal grades of "fresh fish". Again, saving time and saving cash is the best way to start 'living the dream' in 2013!

Posted on: 01.03.13